Question about Klein pliers

I just indulged myself and bought a pair of Klein 9" side cutting
pliers. They seem very stiff to me. It is quite awkward, difficult
even, to open them with one hand. Is this something that I can loosen
up by working them, or is it a defect that I should return them for?
I know that "stiff" means "freedom from looseness", but this is a bit much.
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Bob Engelhardt
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The most recent issue of the Tradesman club suggested working WD-40 and kitchen cleanser into the pivot joint to loosen them up. They way they adjust them in the plant is with a hammer and anvil. If you place the rivet over a hole in the anvil (about the size of a quarter) and strike the other side of rivet lightly with a hammer, it should loosen. Be sure to wear appropriate safety equipment, etc.
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Bob Engelhardt
Thanks to all who replied with suggestions. I went back and tried another pair (which required cutting open the blister pack) and they were just as stiff. So the choice was stiff or none and I did want them.
To eliminate the stiffness, I went with the "Ajax" solution. I used some PB Blaster with the Ajax to get it into the joint. I worked it awhile with some, but not much, improvement. To speed things up, I used my drill press: I bent up a crank out of 1/4" rod, with a 2 1/2" offset (plier handles have a 5" swing) and chucked it up; clamped one handle of the pliers to the dp table & the other to a rod connected to the crank; and turned it on! With the VFD at 5 Hz, the spindle speed is 30 rpm - just right for working the pliers.
I didn't mean to leave it unattended, but I got distracted and did. An hour later (30 rpm x 60 min = 1800 cycles), the stiffness was gone! Not so completely that the handles will fall open, but enough to easily allow 1-hand operation. Perfect.
Thanks again, Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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