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I need replacement screws of weird sizes. I don't know much about it, but I do know around internet and I haven't found anything. The screws look like m2x0.65 and m1.6x0.5 both self tapping. They have with no point, I guess due to less than 3mm of depth to screw them in.

Does anyone have any idea, where I could find replacement screws like this?

Thank you.

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Karl Townsend

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According to Bhogi :

Are you absolutely sure that they are metric?

m2x0.65 = 0.070"x39.08 TPI (a #2 screw is 0.086" dia, and a #1 screw is 0.073" dia, and 40 TPI is a common thread pitch in USA threads, though rather coarse for even a #2 screw, let alone a #1.)

m1.6x0.5 = 0.063"x50.8 TPI (a #0 screw is 0.060" dia, and 50 TPI, while not that common, is a possibility. Again, it is rather coarse for that small a screw.)

Your e-mail domain suggests that you live somewhere in Europe, so suggestions from here in the US may not be your best bet. You should state where you are, so people closer to you are more likely to reply with sources which may be more affordable.

You're already received a suggestion for a US based source. Hopefully, someone will suggest one closer to you.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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