Grain sizes

I am pretty sure that I know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyway.

Is there a standard for grain sizes of the different reloadable motors? In otherwords, is the grain size for a 29/38/54/75/98mm motor the same across all manufacturers?

Do you have to invest in several different case designs to fly different grains?


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Manufacturers do things to FORCE you to buy their casing and their loads.

However USR (the one company with permits yet is not certified) (the one manufacturer that honors the ATF exemption law 27 CFR 555.141-a-8 to the letter), makes casings that are compatible with AT, and closures that are compatible with AT, and loads that are compatible with AT, and loads that are compatible with Irvine/Kosdon/Kosdon East/AMW/EX snap ring cases.

If you use USR cases and loads in unison you are rewarded by fewer leaks, more reuseability, far easier reloading, and better fit but you are NOT FORCED.

Despite the massive legality they are agressively blackballed by NAR and TRA.

Good thing that only limits 5000 of the nation's 1 million rocketeers, eh? Many of whom are armchair rocketeers, Aerotech employees and investors, people with permanent grudges and rmr lurkers :)

NAR and TRA are religiously opposed to open systems.


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Jerry Irvine

as well as an "open" rocketry environment

- iz

Jerry Irv> NAR and TRA are religiously opposed to open systems.

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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed

I highly doubt it cause AMW & Kosdon Casings are thicker than any AT. It all depends on what reloads you are talking about? the J90 J180 , J 135 & K 185 are all C-slot & cast as a single grain.

If you want to fly them at either a NAR or a Tripoli launch you will have to fly them in the casings they were intended for.

Grains size: if you are talking about grain length then it more dependant on the casing length & propellant formula(s)

If you are even thinking about flying an AT in an AMW case or vise versa , Don't do it! If you do so at a sanctioned launch & something happens any insurance is null & void!

Yes you do have to buy each & every Motor makers hardware to fly their reload kits.


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