Re-Heat Treating OK?

Application- Load cells (size 1" x 1" x 3") Material H13. Problem ? The heat treater stacked the material on top of one and other when heat treated. The stacking was obvious because certain cell characteristics were clearly visible as the material is discolored at the point of contact.

Question: Is re-performing the heat treat ok? My guess is that re-heat treating will be fine as ( as long as it is not stacked )?.

Or would you suspect that the cells are no-longer to be used in a load cell application.

Thanks for your time Qu1nn

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You'd better check the steel supplier's recommendations if you're going to re-heat-treat. I believe H13 has to be fully annealed before you put it through another heat-and-quench cycle, or you'll get unpredictable results.

However, don't trust my memory. Check with the company that makes the steel, which is always a good idea when you're doing anything with high-alloy steels that isn't simple-cookbook.

Ed Huntress

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Ed Huntress

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