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The house I bought came with a counter-top refrigerator.Is there someway
to bypass the freezer section ?The space inside is too small and its a
pain to defrost,it is a hands and knees hassle.So is there a way to
disconnect the freezer section.
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I may be wrong, but I believe the cooling for the entire refrigerator is from the freezer section. Turn it off, you have a storage box, but not a refrigerator. I used to have an under counter fridge in my wet bar and it worked that way.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Not really. That's where the cooling coils are.
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Gary Coffman
That's what I was thinking. I got a free one once , it lived only a couple of hours. I went somewhere and the wife took it upon herself to defrost/derefrigerant it with a screw driver. Since it was dead I took it apart for fun and that was the only expander on it.
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We had a fridge like that once in our garage. We just shut the freezer compartment and sealed it with duct tape. We used it like that for a couple of years and then bought a 12 cubic foot refrigerator (no freezer) from Sears recently, mostly to save money. Old refrigerators use an amazing amount of electricity.
ED ROGERS wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Looks like this refrig will be history.Was pricing a new refrig without the freezer.Surprisingly they cost more than one with a freezer.Don't know why unless it is based on volume of sales of one unit over another.The smaller refrigs apparently don't have a frost-free feature either.But then again with no freezer it may not need the feature.Thanks for the advice.
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The refrigerator/freezers that have given me the least trouble over time are non-frost-free. They had a freezer, which was totally isolated, with cold coils all around, and a refrigerator which had a cold plate in it - no fan. Very occasionally the freezer might need to be defrosted; but it was only sucking water from the stuff in the freezer, so it didn't get much, and even less if stuff was well wrapped. The plate in the fridge just ran water out the drain, no frost buildup. A dedicated fridge should work the same. The freezer stayed cold all the time.
The "frost free" unit I'm presently living with is much worse - all the cold is in the back of freezer, and a fan blows air down to the fridge. So all the moisture from the fridge gets stuck in the coils as frost. The stuff in the freezer warms up as a heating element is cycled on at the back of the freezer (separated from the cold food by 1 layer of sheet metal) to melt the ice off the coils. Several times a summer I have to empty the whole thing out to get it properly defrosted, as this bone-head design ensures massive frost build-up in hot, humid weather, and the defrost heater can't get it clear.
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