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I am looking for a source (wholesale preferred) for raw fiberglass sheets. Such as those used to make lamp shades in the 1950's. I want to make some custom shades for some metal lamps I am going to make.

Thanks, Kris

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I dealt with hat stuff 13 years ago in San Francisco. Nasty stuff to work with. You have to wear full coveralls and a respirator or you will be itching for weeks.

We used big sheets of it to build giant shoji lanterns for a AIDS benefit concert.

We were told it was only allowed to be made once a year because of EPA restrictions.

I might be able to hunt down the supplier, but if the lamps are to be used indoors, rice paper is much kinder to work with.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Try Laird plastics. If there is one near you it's worth looking at their samples in person. They probably have something suitable that isn't actually fibreglass.

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Kelley Mascher

Probably the easiest way would be to make a make mold and use this to lay-up woven fiberglass fabric over. Tap plastics carries the stuff and the woven sheet is a lot neater than a chopper gun.

Or plan "B" might be to make the mold and let a fiberglass shop shoot it for you.

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Roger Shoaf

I think you need to find an auto body shop - VETS... SUV's...

YOU need to find a surf board maker.

Have you tried a glass maker ? Tons - Trucks - ship out pure white sand from here every day heading toward the central valley. I suspect a glass jar and exotic uses. It is the sand that Honolulu uses on the beaches...

Might look into the new stuff that has blunt ends not needle - you hear about the blue bats not the pink ones IIRC. Cooling in the attic stuff.

I think I'd take the blue stuff that doesn't stick you and make some or contact the company and see if sheet is available.

Mart> >

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Martin H. Eastburn

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