British 1950's Bombs.

I need/want some 1000lb 1950's bombs to stick under the wings of a 1/48 Seahawk (CA) does anybody know of any aftermarket ones or failing that a kit that gives you some as an option.


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The ordnance provided in any modern RAF kit can be used as the 1000lbMC weapon has retained the same shape since the 1940s (provided due care is taken with the fin shape - see below).

Flightpath makes an aftermarket kit for these weapons.

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The problem here is that the 117 Tail unit did not come into use until the late 60s. Not to worry though as conversion to the required 114 Tail is very easy.

The 117 is a retarded tail unit which deploys a retarder unit to allow low level laydown attacks. The fins on the tail had a swept back leading edge to allow the retarder petals to open.

The 114 was a simple ballistic unit. Conversion from 117 to 114 requires that the rivet detail (if any) on the exterior of the tail be removed and the fins are replaced. The 114 fins were simple rectangles.

Hope this helps.

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