regrind mill table

My CNC mill is gettin' tired. It's got 11 thou backlash in X which is
a ton on a CNC machine. I've only lived with it for 15 years. Now, I
need parts it just isn't going to make.
Anyway, I bought an identical mill for parts a while back. I spent
yesterday tearing it down. The table on this mill may be just slightly
better. X Ball screw didn't look at all good though. I'll spend today
taking the Y axis apart. Knee in a couple days. Then I'll do the same
on the shop mill and pick out the best parts.
Anyway, does somebody know a vendor to send the table and saddle out
for regrind? Same question to refurbish the ball screws? Preferably
kind of near the Twin Cities. I'm hoping this isn't a break the bank
cost job.
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Karl Townsend
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I surfed the web looking for advice and came across this collection from Teenut. Rest in piece, Robert.
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His best quote: "Machinists wash their hands BEFORE using the bathroom"
Karl - still looking for a regind outfit
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Karl Townsend
Hey Karl,
I take it that you want someplace near you. If that changes, post again.
Brian Lawson.
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Brian Lawson
I'd best post again now. Not finding this service. Maybe these folks don't do internet. Or i don't know right search words.
lots of places do ball screw rebuild.
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Karl Townsend
I assume "regrind mill table" means regrind the table ways? One of my customers uses this outfit for regrinding hardened way inserts, and I've had similar parts up to about 12 feet long ground there. I'm not sure if they do machine beds and tables, but if not, they're sure to know who does.
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A lot farther from you, but I know these folks do way grinding. I was at the auction where they bought their biggest way grinder and I worked on the moly plates that are near the top of this page.
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Of the two, I'd rather use Detroit Edge if they can do your job.
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Ned Simmons

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