Remove thick coat of paint

I have a question on how to remove stubborn paint from the metal plates, other than using of paint remover? Remove thick coat of paint that can't be chipped off the metal plates using chipping hammers, anyone can help me out?

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Edgar Chen
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Sand, or other abrasive blasting, CO2 blasting, heat to 200C, wirebrush on an angle grinder, ...

What size of plates?

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Ian Stirling

Edgar Chen wrote: I have a question on how to remove stubborn paint from the metal plates,(clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^ A torch in one hand and a scraper or stiff putty knife in the other. Bernzomatic type torches have an available attachment which spreads the flame and provides an edge for scraping. However, if you have a lot to do, I would not use those small tanks, unless you have a way to refill them.

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Leo Lichtman

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Grant Erwin

They used liquid nitrogen on the inside of the statue of liberty.


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jim rozen

Welding torch?



Edgar Chen wrote:

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Marv Soloff

Paint-scrapper made by Sandvic (carbon blade; also made by others). Works better the more paint and the older its is. Not really cheap, but worth every penny.


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Nick Mueller

Decide you want the paint to stay on, it will fall offinside of a week.

Seriously, I'd just use a torch and something to scrape it off. Do this in a well ventilated area, some of that stuff really smells like something you shouldn't breath.


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David L Peterson

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003 21:38:54 +0800, "Edgar Chen" pixelated:

I picked up a heat gun (1,000°F air) from Harbor Fright for under $20 and it melts paint like a hot knife in butter. Recommended!

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Larry Jaques

The orange one?

It works really well for heating bearings too.


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