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I recently added a Robotool CVM1 mill to the shop. There is no documentati on. While the mill itself is operational and can be programmed from its ke ypad, I am unable to load G-code from an external PC through the serial RS-

232 port. However, I can export code from the Robotool to an external PC, so I don't believe I have a hardware problem. I am advised that the Roboto ol controller requires that the first line of a G-code file being loaded fr om an external source contain specific initializing characters before the R obotool will accept the file. Something like a specific number of % signs and/or other symbols which are stripped off before code execution. Not qui te a password, but a similar function from my standpoint. Can anyone advis e on the characters to use?
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Some controls require an "O" number in order to accept a program. For example, if I want to load program #21 I would have in the first line the following: O0021 N1 G00 .... N2 G01 ... N3...

M30 %

If the control can only accept program numbers smaller than 1000 then try O021. Some controls allow deletion of leading zeros so O21 would work. Some controls require the percentage sign at the beginning so in this case try: % O0021 N1 G00 .... N2 G01 ... N3...

M30 %

Some controls require line numbers. Some don't and will add line numbers once the program is loaded into the control. Eric

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