Rust protection

Does anyone know a good rust protection ... ive got raw linseed oil now as
that should work as rust protection and darken the metal if im not totaly
off here ... but i dont realy know how to use it, if anyone could explain
this in a bit more of a detail i would be very happy ... and yes im
searching the net :P
Ive seen stuff like wax for making stuff shiny and so ... anything about
this maybe? :>
I bow deeply for any answers ... have a good day .. have to get out and
work now :>
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Tomas Wilhelmsson
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I use Johnson's Paste Wax on many bare metal items to prevent rust. It needs to be renewed periodically since the salt from your hands will get through and cause a lttle rust. For items that don't get handled, it works pretty well. Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady
cutting the grass and the lawnmower got too close to my new truck(its was a 1975 Datsun pickup at the time) well a 2 inch scratch and i did not want it to rust(it was like one month old at the time).. i took out the paste wax and put some on the spot and left it there and a few months later i wiped it off and the metal was crystal clear, no rust to knock off....
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Cosmolene is pretty hard to beat.
John Martin
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Gary Coffman
I use LPS 3 for stuff that's going to sit around for awhile in unheated areas like garden tools and trim saws, also saw tables and lathe beds. You can order it from MSC if you don't have a hardware store that carries it. It's cheaper than Boeshield, which also works and is available from a lot of woodworker's supply places. Both products leave a waxy film that prevents rust, at one time, they said LPS 3 was good for 1 year under salt water, not sure they make that claim anymore, though.
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has more info. You have to wipe the goop off before using the tool again. LPS 2 is what I use for tools more frequently used, it's a thin liquid, doesn't evaporate much, good for short-term storage. You don't have to remove it before using the tools. You can use LPS 1 or 2 to remove LPS 3 or just use mineral spirits.
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Stan Schaefer

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