Should I move to Idaho?

California is dying as an industrial power. It at one time was the 7th
largest economy in the world. No longer. Its the #3 hardest hit state
in the looming Great Depression Part Deux, only behind Michigan with
its Rust Belt.
And Im not getting any work in my current trade, machine tool repair.
So Ive been looking around a bit at other states for employment..and
Id like to ask you folks for your input.
Some prelims...
Im 56yrs old, had some medical issues, now largely resolved.
Im tecnically oriented and can troubleshoot electrionics at assembly
level, machine, lathe and mill, can fix complex mechanical assemblies,
can weld, do woodworking, gunsmithing, can do commecial and industrial
electricial. Ive worked as a lumberjack, oil field roughneck etc etc
Frankly...there isnt much that I cant do. I detest retail work, paper
work, suit and tie work. Im honest, motivated, self starter,
experinced in job requirements and meeting them. I deal well with
others and can supervise others well. However..Ive spent my life
working as an individual technician and dont fit well in a herd.
Shrug. Im good at what I do..far too many out there simply sucking on
the paycheck.
Give me a task, tell me where the parts are..and go away. Ill finish
the job and ask for another.
So anyways..Ive been considering moving out of California..after being
here for 30+ yrs.
Idaho is simply one of the states Im considering but the one Im
focused on at the moment.
If anyone has suggestions for other states..feel free to toss em
in..Id be happy to look at them.
I figure Im good for another 15-20 yrs working. Shrug
So anyone have any good or bad things to say about Idaho? Its
economy, chances for growth and employment and so forth.
Im interested in perhaps moving out of California...heading anyplace
that I can prosper enough to keep myself and my family alive and
eating regularly.
Im not moving tommorow, next week or next month. Next
year...shrug...gotta have someplace to go, before figuring out how to
get there.
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Gunner Asch
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some nice Aryan Nations compounds in northern Idaho that should make you feel right at home.
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You just listed a whole bunch of excuses about why you couldn't take a job offer from your friend Tom a couple of days ago. One of them was that you had too many things holding you to California. What happened in two days to change that?
Stay out of Idaho. There are good decent people in Idaho and they don't deserve it.
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You know, I didn't think of that. I've heard that there is a nice Klan compound near where he lives now. Perhaps they can provide references.
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Depends, there are a lot of opportunites, but the wages suck.
Hit Craigslist and the Idaho Employment website for an idea.
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Depending on the area, you might find yourself neck deep in Stormin's co-religionists. They're mostly good people, but some doors may be closed to a gentile.
Boise is nice for a city that size, but it tends to rise and fall with the semiconductor industry. The I15 and I84 corridors are where most of the money is. The panhandle is nicer, IMHO, if you can live on scenery.
Ever read any of John Wesley, Rawles's stuff or his blog? He's big on north central ID.
The parts of ID that I am most familiar with have a lot of trees, game, and fish, but not much else unless you want to do a Sylvan Hart.
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robert bowman
Dangit, I was going to suggest Texas on the grounds that it's further from Oregon, but there's decent people there, too.
I hear that Iran is pretty conservative these days. Anyone who criticizes G.W. as a "western liberal" should be just Gunner's cup of tea.
Wait -- there's some decent people in Iran, too.
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Tim Wescott
"Gunner Asch" wrote
Don't know anything about Idaho, but I like Utah. Not a great state for machinery, or manufacturing, but it's all in the attitude of the person. I do know that there's a different mindset in Idaho and Utah that are contagious once one's been here any length of time. Makes you just deal with whatever happens, because you never want to go back to You Know Where. I live in rural Utah, and I see about one black person a month. Some Hispanics. I figure the tsunami is coming, but for now, it's refreshing. I hear about one boom box in a car a week, and that always has a California plate and a local cop on their tail.
I still have to go down to Vegas for business, and I carry a gun, mace, and a police scanner all the time. Around here, stupid people seem to self destruct in a short time, are found (or not found) dead in the woods from hunting accidents, or just beaten by the local Bubbas until they move on.
You don't have long left. Decide whether you want to make money or live life. There's a difference, ya know?
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Steve B
That it is.
"The Patch" is still active, small entrepreneurs are opening machine shops and companies that use machinery, etc.
Local regs may require a Master Electrician's cert for wiring, though...
BTW, NO State Income Tax and it's a Right To Work state!
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I got out of a city 25 years ago, but I won't let the liberals chase me out of the state. I understand that many in other states don't like Californians, but the ones they meet are quitters. We don't need them here either.
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Stupendous Man
Texas would be OK if it wasn't full of Texans.
Do you know how they bury Texans? They let out all the hot air and bullshit and put them in a shoebox.
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Yes, Texas does have a lot going for it. And it is like California in that it has three distinct geographical regions, so different from each other that you think you're in another part of the world. But yes, with the oil patch, no state income, and work mentality that's based on performance and a handshake, Gunner, it sounds more like a fit than Idaho. Just take a large flyswatter for the skeeters in some places. Other than that, nice folks scattered among the trash. Just like California, only with an accent. You'll be saying y'all in no time. And Louisiana is right next door, and a lot of that oilpatch business is available within a few hours drive on the Interstate. For what you want to do, I'd say that it is better than Idaho, and a hell of a lot warmer.
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Steve B

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