Safe methods of pallet hoisting

I often need to hoist items on pallets from my truck onto the floor,
using my chain hoist. Because I do not know how to hoist pallets
safely, I usually lifted items from them. I would like however, to
learn some safe method of rigging a pallet to be lifted by a hoist.
I have some thoughts related to using 2x4s as spreaders etc, but
wanted to check with local experts first. Any good ideas will be
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A slow but relatively safe way is to have a four part cable sling made up. We used two aluminum pipes through the fork locations of the pallet then one eye of the sling end over the four ends of the protruding pipes. It is crude but works. The other way is to make up a small pallet lifter out of tubing. ( about 80 pounds) I can send you some pics if you are interested. I made up a set for a steel shop that are in constant use for the last ten years. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
How would it look like?
I do not understand, sorry.
Thanks Randy, my email address is ichudov AT yahoo DOT com (this one is more suitable for viewing pictures)
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go to your local industrial or crane supply and get "crane pallet forks"
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Lucky Strike
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I usually use 4 slings, one around each corner block on the pallet...
Or a forklift ( way easier ), but you'd need to find a used forklift and if you run a business you may also need a forklift operators certificate.. This usually involves paying for some instructions about safety..
Have a look at this video.. It will tell you everything you will ever want to know about forklift safety issues, and altho the spoken language is german, it is very self explanatory :-)
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~17 meg download, not the best for users on dialup tho..
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That's an excellent video. When I first saw it we had a forklift training class scheduled for the next week. This was a great way to start it off.
Did I mention it's funny as hell?
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Rex B
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I cant really figure out if this was a joke or not, but its pretty entertaining :-)
Yup... Am going to make a DVD copy of it and hand it to the person responsible for safety where I work..
Former coworker of mine got hit by a forklift about 3 years ago... Did some damage to the bones in her neck... She still has massive problems from that..
/peter, with the proper forklift training
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I got 3 donated 'pallet lift trucks' dropped off for price of shipping(er, trucking). I cannabalized two of them to make one but it doesn't have a drive wheel, so you just push it to where you want it. I know a bit of a pain, but in my setup it sits in a central spot and not used too often( just loading/unloading the pickup. Without the drivewheel I'm not worried about the forklift law boys coming in and fining me. It's real nice to use it to lift up the lawn tractor(800#) to service it too !
Only needed 2 big car batteries(24V total) to run the lift. Good for 2000#, just a bit better than my old back can lift.
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j.b. miller
That is a great safety movie! -
Windows media player ran a large screen version for me.
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Martin H. Eastburn

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