I posted a message last week about this but never saw it listed in the news group so I thought I better try again. I have a customer looking for someone to buy their HSS scrap drills and endmills in Southwestern Ontario. Is there someone for this or does everyone just send it to their regular scrap steel dealers?

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Doug Arthurs
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I throw it into the garbage--Ive not anywhere near enough volume to recycle economically.

The scrapyards DONT want it mixed in with softer grades, as it can damage their scrap processing equipment.

If the tools are usable as-is or after resharpening, the highest value would be in re-selling--perhaps ebay............

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Hey Doug,

Any idea how much you are talking about? Is this anything that can be re-sharpened instead, because there are places in Windsor that do that.

Most broken HSS gets ground to something useful, and goes out in pockets to HSM'ers tool boxes!!

Take care.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

ps....I did see "this" posted earlier, but had no decent answer THEN either.


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Brian Lawson

Hi Brian,

Thanks for responding. Believe me when I tell you when this customer says its scrap it means its finished.


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Doug Arthurs

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