Screw threads and spring in Vibroplex?

I wonder what the standard screw threads in a Vibroplex are, bearing in mind its genesis of 100 years ago?

I imagine that it wouldn't be BA, as this was a Britland standard.

I've sorted through the junk box for this project and have located a gert lump of black-rolled steel for the base, and quite a few offcuts of brass for all the bits.

What metal is the Vibroplex pendulum made from? I've got a piece of thin brass which might do the job.

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Kinda vague on what you mean by Vibroplex, the only thing I know with that name is the keyers. In which case, and having just looked at what remains of one, 8-32 is about all I see until I turn it over and then see some 6-32 screws holding the stantions from the bottom. Pendulum springs were spring steel, contact springs appear to be phosphor bronze, could be wrong. Pendulum weight is steel, nickel plated on one, brass, nickel plated on another. Pendulum rod appears harder, maybe music wire, might have been some other, but it's got some toughness to it.

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Vibroplexes, for the uninitiated, are mechanical morse code keyers. They have a weighted pendulum that will generate a continous string of dits if the paddle is pressed in one (horizontal) direction, and a single dash for the other direction.

Quaint mechanical devices developed back before gain devices existed - and still used by purists. Or should I say, vintage enthusiasts. I myself personally think that the best receiver I own is a National SW-3.

Anyway the threads on those may well be non-standard thread pitches, my recollection is they tend to be standard number sizes in finer-than-usual pitches.

Dies for most of those can be purchased from MSC corp so that replacement parts can be fabricated. Now if anyone knows how to do the fine rope knurling that is often found on those setting screws, I would be interested...


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