Sharpen ceramic knife

Using mw diamond lap I have put a nice edge on the knife. Now I have the "feel" for it and a methodology. After some thought, I won't be investing in more ceramic knives, good ones are expensive! I have a couple of very good French made carbon steel knives from 30 years ago and I have no new requirements. Maybe if I were to do Sushi or such. But the on e I have is handy and it has impressed me.
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Tom Gardner
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I'll have to get a cheap one to try some time. People I know who have them either love them or hate them. But I don't know many people who know how to sharpen a steel knife. I'm well equipped for that.
Hey, since you're a tomater grower, here's Ed's Tomato Knife sharpening tip:
"Friends, do your tomatoes mush when you try to slice them clean? Do even your sharpest knives balk on a tough tomato skin?
"Well, mush no more! Take the cheapest, dime-store stainless slicer (at least medium-length) in your drawer, and give it a few strokes with the coarsest bench stone you have. Don't try to refine the endge. Don't stroke it on a sharpening steel. You want a fine-toothed saw.
"It will go through those skins like they weren't even there, and it will slice your tomatoes clean. Don't use it for anything else, and it will last through a couple of seasons before you have to stroke it again."
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Ed Huntress
A file can put a nasty slashing edge on a knife too.
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Jim Wilkins
Yep! I do similar, the burr is where it's at
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Tom Gardner
Well, this guy has it down. Used diamond grit films down to 0.5 micron. Awesome video, too.
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