Sharpening geometric chasers?

What is normal cost for having this done? We have 9/16 D chasers and the previous fella here would buy new ones when they got dull. I called the only place in the state(Arkansas) that does it and they wouldn't quote over the phone. They want to look at them. Some we have are chipped quit bad others not so much and some just dull. My brother told me they take a special fixture that cost about 300$. I'm wondering if it would make sence for our shop and the one down the road to buy this and do it ourself. Ken

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I have seen the fixtures on ebay. I believe you put the chasers on the fixture and set the angles and then grind on a surface grinder.

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Chuck Sherwood

Geometric published a manual/catalog in various versions that provided some info on sharpening chasers. They still might, but if not the originals come up on Ebay from time to time.

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Mike Henry

This is correct. There are different holders for different sizes of chasers.

And -- with the ability to do it yourself, you can change the rake angle at need to adapt it for differing workpiece materials.

As the other followup said, look for the catalog and grinding information -- either from Geometric, or pick up an older one from eBay.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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