Shelf life of fuels

I want to get some 55 gal barrels of gas and diesel to stock up. What are the shelf life on these, and what treatment do they need for extended storage? There would be a turn over, as I would use some, then refill them.


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Steve B
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Gasoline will keep a long time if you add Stabil product regularly. May lose octane rating.

My fuel supplier has really warned me on diesel. Seems today's near zero sulfur fuels like to grow a nasty slime. They have an additive for this, but he has told me there have been several failures with long term storage. So far, i've been able to back blend older stuff (hi sulfur)and haven't had trouble.

FWIW, I topped up the tanks yesterday for $2.89/gal. I expect prices to go to $#%^ next Wednesday.


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Karl Townsend

I wouldn't go with 55 gallon drums unless you use a LOT of fuel. I use common 5-6 gallon cans. With them you can rotate stock easily. Transport is easier. Storage is easier. Actual use is easier since you can just grab 5 gallons and toss it in a vehicle then refill it as needed. I rotate my gas every 3 months or so.

As for treatment I use Stabil. You want to be careful with diesel. The new stuff grows crud REALLY fast.

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Steve W.

If you add Stabil or other stabilizers, you should still cycle them about once a year. I have to churn mine.


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