shock proof and non shock test indicators

What's the real definition of "shockproof" and "nonshock" as seen on
test indicators?
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I don't know about a "real definition", but I've always assumed that there is spring loading in the train from point to gears which is stiff enough so it does not affect the reading, but soft enough so it minimizes sudden shock to the gear train so the gear teeth do not get deformed.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
they don't explain it either.
If you condense everything on that site into one sentence it's
"anything product we can't service is junk". It's a bizarre website with strange mixed messages.
Once you rule out chinese and dubiously rebadged stuff, dial indicators seem to come from mitutoyo, starrett, mahr federal and teclock, and the prices seem to vary widely and I'm trying to figure out why.
I have a teclock and mitutoyo 1" travel 0.001" indicators. There really doesn't seem to be much of a difference between them. Neither feel cheap or like works of art and both came with impressive amounts of meaningless paperwork in the boxes. Neither would be worth fixing if they fell on the floor, so service is not an issue for stuff like this, at least to me.
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I suspect that just can't fix anything to start with. That entire site is just one huge rambling jumble of nonsense. I don't even see anything for sale on it. Maybe it a blog from a collector or junk hawker on ebay.
I don't see anything useful about that website in the first place. It is full of strange stuff like this
"In Brief: the best dial test indicators are Swiss made."
followed by
"Swiss workmanship took a nose dive in the new century..."
Great, sign me up. It gets even more confusing too:
"You have 4 commonly available brand names to choose from: Bestest, Compac, Interapid, Tesatast. All of these are made by the same manufacturer in Switzerland. There's nothing better on the market, in our opinion."
again, followed by
"Swiss workmanship took a nose dive in the new century and the result is that many Compac indicators are currently out of production while the manufacturer attempts to revamp its organization. "
So compac is the best, but it's junk and out of production, but the same as three other brands, except the Bestest ones which have shitty bearings?
"Compac indicators have oversized ball bearings which almost never need replacing. Bestest bearings are very susceptible to damage."
I'm going to pass on this joke.
The only site I've seen that actually has spec sheets on stuff like this is
That still leave the question of what does "nonshock" mean? Starrett seems to use it on models with this as an option.
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