six foot class III forks

"The Kid" has had his 10K lb. Matsuura CNC mill sitting on my trailer
two weeks now looking for forks for his truck. He needs six foot long
class III forks. They are $1500 new with a long special order delivery
Long shot, but any chance somebody has a line on used ones?
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sorry tried twice photobucket put it upside down
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Karl Townsend
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Have you tried their online editor? They have an orientation button to rotate pics. Or flip in offline and reupload. My guess is that you ended up on an Aussie server.
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Larry Jaques
If this is a one-time job, why not just rent a suitable lift truck from Hertz or similar equipment rental outfit? The one-day rental will only be a couple hundred $.
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Jon Elson
I think you haven't tried to rent a 10,000 lb. lift forktruck. Plus you need a way to haul it.
"The Kid" closed his eyes and popped for a set of 15,000 lb. rated forks that were at a local vendor. he won't tell me what he paid, but he's not happy.
I told him he'll keep those forks the rest of his life, it will work out. Still, he only paid $3K for the truck.
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Karl Townsend
Jon Elson fired this volley in news:59adnW0N6vv2msXOnZ2dnUVZ
We rented a 6000lb 4-wheel-steer lift for moving a CNC truss-cutter into the shop for repairs.
Don't forget delivery and pickup. The bill came to about $450 for one day's rental plus the carriage.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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