Solar Power

Something not noticed before. While checking on my PV solar system
performance, I have been recording the SCE meter readings, so when I saw the
meter reader come to the house, I waited until he left then went out and
took my readings. Voila when the bill came the meter reading cited was
quite a bit bigger than what I had seen. Further exam of the bill showed
that the reading was "Estimated". SCE was contacted and they sent a reader
out and we had a discussion.
1. If the reading submitted by the meter reader differs by much
from the normal average, the computer can and oftens changes the numbers and
labels it as "Estimated". Of course sooner or later everything comes out in
the wash. Meantime SCE has my money to play with.
2. Excess power generated by my PV system is bought at the same
rate that I pay.. However the lowest or tier one rate I think will be the
rate selected. Won't know for awhile.
3. SCE meter continues to run backwards most of the hours of
the day and meter numbers continue to decrease.
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