Summer projects

Previously, I post about a sprinkler booster pump project I tried.
Also I have posted about cordless lawnmower and a snow blower
converted to cordless. Still working on the snow blower. The rpm of
the motor used, a scooter motor, fitted the existing mounts but the
rpm was too low. I now have a second cordless lawnmower that I had
plan to convert. In the meantime, I put a 15 watt solar panel on a
shed and wired in to charge the 24 volt cordless lawnmower with two 12
volt replacement batteries. All is on this web page
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Hey Bill,
I think your "free-wheeling" tandem bike pedals are pretty neat too. Well done!
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
Thanks; that was the excuse to buy the machine. The bike shop wanted 5 hundred dollars, the two makers at the time only sold through LBS. At one shop the wrench said; =93it is only two BMX free wheeler that makes it work=94. I was ready to do some machining and bolt circle work for fun, after being retired a few years. It used many of my machine shop skills and some luck. The machine has paid for itself many time over, in make impossible replacement parts and replacing metal pin and pivots where no pin or plastic was used.
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