Sort of OT: Propane Conversion

I've got an old Generac 2.5KW generator with a 5HP Briggs and Stratton motor. Over the years, the fuel tanks has rusted and gunked up the carb. I'd rather not rebuild it but switch to propane and/or natural gas instead. Propane would be nice to use this unit at a remote work site while natural gas will let me run it non stop off my house supply as a backup generator.

Does anyone have any experience/advice on doing such a conversion?

I was looking at:

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They have a couple of options which re-use parts of the old gas carb. But I got thinking that if I machined a block of aluminum to fit, I could save the throttle plate and linkage, fit their kit to it and not have to worry about doing a hack job with RTV sealant on the old carb.

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Carburetors are not such exotic things. I have a

12 Hp one-lung lawn tractor that had a badly-worn updraft, gravity-fed carb that ran very badly, and not at all on hills. I managed to patch an old Honda motorcycle carb of the piston-venturi design onto it, and it runs MUCH better. I had to jury rig the linkage from the engine's governor to the carb, which was the weakest "link" in the whole job (pun intended). So, it really isn't too hard to do stuff like this. (Metal content - I had to mill a new mounting "foot" to mount the carb to the engine block, machine some linkage bellcrank parts, and modify an old floppy drive motor into a diaphragm fuel pump. I also made an air filter housing and cover to fit one of the smaller rectangular air filters they are using in newer cars.)


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