Spaced out fender

Much ado about nothing. I spaced the fenders out by just adding some angle
iron and bolting them on. Did this so that if I crunch one, I can buy
another and bolt it on with little or no fab. They're pretty stiff.
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Wired the lights up and everything. Took it to DMV, and the ONLY thing they
looked at was the VIN. Said I didn't need to title if I didn't want to, and
didn't need a plate since the trailer portion was under 700#. The plate
reads 2250GVWR, but they're the experts. I am having it titled to make it
easier to track if it gets away from me. Turned down the plates, though, as
they said that would only be a problem if I took it to another state. Ain't
gonna happen.
Now, to get it all painted. Rain forecast for a couple of days. Rats.
Tach/hour meter should be here tomorrow from Northern Tools.
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I like your fenders. I've seen a lot of trailers with crap for fenders, usually from way back after I catch the first rock.
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