Spec 150 Hydraulic Oil Equivalent?

I need to know the commercial equivalent of a Spec 150 hydraulic oil. I have a cliker press to work on and was wondering if the same hydraulic oil used in forklifts would be ok. Thanks Steve

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Generally ISO visc grade number - e.g. ISO 150 is the same across vendors and uses. There are very specific versions however - low wear or such that might kick into another level of quality. Forklifts are in that higher level - high resistance to wear type - so for general use it would be just a bit better.

If you have it already - try some. If not - go to the local petrol dealer in town - you may have two or three - they provide oil and gas to the town or area. Mine close by - has oil there in 200 gallon containers of dozens of oils. They provide for many industries and an airport. Jet airplanes use different than a tractor....

But in general - if you mean 'cliker press' - a general purpose unit - and don't know specs needed and they don't really matter - then yes I'd try some of the same number - it might not have the needed additives. The oil guy is the expert. Expect to buy a 5 gallon can - but it sounds like you would use it.

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