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Hi y’all I picked up one of theses Stryco MF-4 blare welders when I bought a old saw sharpening shop the fellow that owned it had passed on so the family was selling it and didn’t know how things worked and there was no manuals. So I’ve put a new plug on it 220v cleaned it up oiled it up and now it will spark like crazy when you hold the weld button down the clock turns some times it stays on until you manually disengage it, the anneal button it heats the blade up red hot. However I have no idea what I’m doing I can melt the heck out of the blades I can get them to stick together but they are brittle ate the weld no matter what I set it at. So first off help please before I end up with pipe melted bandsaw blades and have to tell everyone the game to shorten there bandsaws, and second foes ANYONE know where I might find a users manual for the Stryco MF-4??????Any help would be much appreciated, my wife adds before I burn something down. Now I don’t think that was called for but wow you would think there’s s celebration going on when you use there machine and you would want to make sure it’s used in a safe area.?Thanks in advance y’all!!!! Any help would be awesome!!! Happy Trails!

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might be close here a manual is for a mf-3

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Larry Fisk

This appears to have the manual for download.

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This looks interesting. I've not seen one like this before. I suspect that it need cleaning and oiling in the gear train and bearings. It should turn off the welding current at the right point in time.

The site above has for the MF-3, which may be close enough. MF-3 is good for up to 2" wide blades, MF-2 for 1-1/2", MF-1 for 1", so your MF-4 is likely good for up to 2-1/2" or 3" wide blades.

As for the annealing, based on my Chinese blade welder, what you do is momentarily push the anneal button, release, and repeat going longer until you have a red in the middle of the blade, going longer presses until you get the color you need, then start shortening the press time until it goes dark. The slow cooling is *important* to the annealing.

Actually -- first release the clamps, let the jaws move apart, and then re-clamp with the weld in the middle between the clamps.

Good Luck, DoN.

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