Surface grinder taper info?

Is there a spec available on the web for the taper used on surface grinders?
I am looking for the taper on the end of my Boyar Schultz 6-12
surface grinder. It is where the Sopko hubs fit. I have info on
lots of other tapers used in machining but I have not found that
particular taper.
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Peter Reilley
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Did you try Sopko?
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The taper I've seen most often is 3 in/ft.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
Try Iscar.
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They are usually a Jarno Taper.
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The taper specification on my Jones and Shipman 540 surface grinder spindle is 30Deg 0Min 0sec
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My Boyar Schultz 6x18 uses 3" /ft. which I believe is standard for most surface grinders .
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Randal O'Brian

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