Tip for moving a Boyar Schultz surface grinder

I bought a used Boyar Schultz surface grinder and snugged it down good in the truck using ratcheting tie downs. Unlike a mill, I knew the table wasn't attached to the base but was merely held in place by gravity. But stupid me, I didn't think to tie the table down. I made a sharp turn and the table and magnetic chuck went flying. Fortunately not much damage was done. Are all surface grinders like this?

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I don't about all, but you can the KO Lee S714 to your list.

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Mike Henry

It's certainly very common on smaller grinders. My 6x12, the table just lifts right off.

It's a real good idea when moving machines to hunt until you get access to a manual or somehow get the factory's procedure for moving the machine.


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Grant Erwin
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My little Sanford (4x6" IIRC) is like that.

It makes it just barely possible for me to lift it with the table set aside. Wit the table installed, I need help.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Wasinos (they used to make B&S's manual surface grinders) had special table clamps for shipment. If you forgot them, you could Brinell the roller bearings, besides losing a table off the end of the machine.

Ed Huntress

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Ed Huntress

Hey Al,

Even if the base of the machine is fastened to the cabinet, it's a good idea to separate them before transporting. Sure is top-heavy otherwise.

And if the "X" axis uses a rack-and-pinion, it is not fastened at all. Just lifts off. The style using a wire rope friction drive has at least a bit of wire that will stop lifting much, but won't stop the inertia once it gets "rolling". Even just bringing the "X" axis adjustable mechanical stops in from the ends to hold the table from having any motion would help.

Besides, after transporting any distance, it's best to dismantle and clean and re-lube everything. If you just bought this from someone, then doing so prior to paying allows some inspection as to condition and assessment too, for both the buyer and the seller.

Take care.

Brian Laws>I bought a used Boyar Schultz surface grinder and snugged it down good in

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Brian Lawson

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