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Ok I just bought the Delta grinder and have been offered another, this is a
boyer schultz 6 x 18 with hydro feed and coolant, this is the Challenger
model, it looks to be rather light for a surface grinder. I will not use
this a whole lot so I don't need a train parked in my shop. I also found a
Norton for a good price bu its big and heavy. Any input would be great.
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I've used Boyar Schultz surface grinders, and they're surprisingly good for what appears to be a light machine. They're very capable of providing seriously good surface finishes, assuming they're in good condition and you know how to grind properly. Having coolant for intermittent use is a real PITA, but you'll love having it when you use the machine. Grinding dry is a serious challenge, and usually yields poor results as compared to grinding wet. Here's a link that will help with coolant selection.
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Unless you will be doing what would be considered toolroom grinding, a hydraulic surface grinder is the only way to go. Grinding dry doesn't get it, nor does hand feeding a large surface. Even if you use the grinder only intermittently, you'll regret not having power feeds the first time you try to grind a large surface and expect to get a good finish.
I do not endorse the use of manual grinders for anyone except tool makers. I don't mean to offend those that have chosen the small hand powered machines, for I fully understand that some have limited space and resources, and their machine of choice is better than no machine. Assuming you are not restricted, the features offered by hydraulic machines are very desirable, so please interpret my comments with that in mind.
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