WTD: Boyar Schultz 612 Parts drawings

I picked up a basket case of a Boyar Schultz 612 surface grinder this
morning from a local club member. As I didn't take it apart, I'm looking
for the exploded parts list for it to help me reassemble it. Might anyone
have a copy they can scan and email me or know of somewhere on the web
where it can be downloaded?
Thanks guys
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Marty Escarcega
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Have a look at the seller "landry433" on ebay. I bought a cd from him containing the user's manual. The back of the manual has numerous mechanical drawings of the various parts on the grinder.
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"AL" wrote in news:RHFvd.498757$wV.361817@attbi_s54:
Got it covered, several HSM'rs volunteered their material and I'm sharing what I have. Thanks guys Marty
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Marty Escarcega

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