talyvel repair - has anyone ever replaced the pendulum wires?

I have a Talyvel 1 with a broken wire in the sensor unit

Has anyone experience in repairing the unit or is there a workshop manual available

Any advice would be appreciated


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Ian Webb
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YIKES!!! I dropped mine off a lathe bed and it fell into the drip pan. Amazingly, no damage I could tell. They are tougher than I would have ever expected.

I have looked at the wires, they look thinner than hair. I think all 5 wires have to be the same length so the pendulum swings in only one axis. I have no idea how they adjust them so they are all taut at the same time. I have a Talyvel 3, I'm only guessing the sensor is built roughly the same way.


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Jon Elson

Hi Jon Thanks for replying Consider yourself very lucky as I may have a pricey repair if I don't get some leads from you guys with a bit more experience than myself Regards Ian

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Ian Webb

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