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Warning-actual metalworking about to be discussed.One of my favorite plinking rifles is an old Remington model 12 pump. The rifle is between 95 and 100 years old but still shoots better than me. My old eyes have been having a harder time seeing both the front sight and the target. This weekend I started using the flip up tang peep sight and I am amazed how much better I can see the front sight and the target. My accuracy has improved greatly. Now to the metalworking. I also have an old Remington model 6 rolling block rifle. When I got it the rifling was shot, the front sight was missing, the extractor was really worn, and the rear sight was loose. I recently re-lined the barrel, made a new extractor, and welded up both the front and rear sight dovetails. I have machined the rear dovetail so now it is a snug fit. I still need to do the front and will do so after I repair and old front sight. I found online a NOS Taurus flip up tang sight that just happens to be made for a reciever that has the same angular relation ship to the barrel that my rifle has. So when flipped up the detent in the sight mechanism holds the sight perfectly vertical when the barrel centerline is perfectly horizontal. The mounting screws that came with the sight are some special metric thread so I will be re-threading them. I wouldn't bother with re-threading except the screws have a special head that I want to preserve because of the way the screw heads fit the sight. Eric

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