Thrust Calculations- Differential gears

OK folks, any Gear Gurus in the audience?

I'm trying to figure out what the outwards thrust would be on a set of differential spider gears under the condition where the axles are locked from rotating; or alternatively if it's easier to envision the outward thrust on them if one axle & carrier are locked & the torque is applied to the other axle, see diagram here-

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FWIW the exact model is a Dana 44.

Specifics- the spider gears have a tooth bevel of 48°, interior bevel of 68°.

The side gears are 23 & 41 respectively.

Yes, I know those don't add up to 90°, Blame Dana. :/

For sake of argument I'll assume there's no friction between the gear teeth.

Anyone able to give ma a pointer on how to figure this out?



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Howard Eisenhauer
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What is the pressure angle of the gears?


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Jim Wilkins

Haven't got a clue.

Is there some way I can measure it?


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Howard Eisenhauer

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