TROG - The Race of Gentlemen

Hey, it's really quiet tonight, so I'll clutter the board with
something that involves a lot of old metal and maybe nobody will mind.
We do car racing a little differently in NJ. This is the TROG -- The
Race of Gentlemen -- which is held every year on the beach at
Wildwood. It's a bit of traditional Jerseyana. The cars and
motorcycles are *old*, and the speeds reach a scorching 70 mph.
The beach there looks a lot like Daytona Beach: It's really wide and
flat, though the sand is not as firm. People have been racing there
for decades. I have a photo of my dad on the beach for a race (they
were all grudge races then) in his brand new 6-cylinder 1936 Plymouth.
Anyway, if you want to waste a little under 7 minutes watching it,
it's kind of fun. I worked at flipping hamburgers on the boardwalk
there when I was 21, and dated a girl who was about 5 feet tall and
who rode a Harley in the Hell Hole, which was one of those
vertical-wall wooden barrels where they go round and round to climb
the walls.
If you like rat rods, you'll like these:
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Ed Huntress
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Goodness. That's how it used to be back in the days of my youth :-)
Thanks Ed.
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I wish I'd thought about it before it was over this year. I won't miss it next June.
Some of those old Harleys are real collector's items, and that's more rat rods than I've ever seen in one place. I'll bet they leave a layer of rust all over the town when they go home.
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Ed Huntress
Nice. Thanks for the link.
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Things Have Changed
Thanks for that, awesome! Makes me wish I had my dad's Indian Scout. Bored, and stroked to the very limits, lumpy cams and reshaped ports, it hauled ass. Dad and his best friend Jim, would have loved this event.
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Jon Anderson
You can tell all those people are just out to have fun. I'm surprised how far some of them came for the event. "Sushi" came all the way from Japan.
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Ed Huntress

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