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hello all I bought a BusyBee bench mill back in the spring. I was getting lousy finishes and went about tightening everything up, checking backlashes etc. Didn't seem to help. Plus I was getting a lot of vibration and noise from the top cover. I finally got feed up and took the sheet metal cover off. This helped a bit and definetly quieted it down. This is when I noticed the drive belts. The two belts squirmed around like a couple of garter snakes :-) Obviously some serious quality issues at the chinese rubber plants :-) I checked the pulleys and they are fine, so I took a trip down to my local auto parts supplier and started looking for some better quality belts. Luckily I had done some research a couple of years ago into various drive belts for a buddy wanting to use a belt drive from a vw diesel to a large generator. I ordered some Gates BX belts(double check the belts off of your machine, Mine were an inch shorter than marked on the belts) and this made all of the difference in the world. Runs much smoother and the cuts are much better.

Next I am going to make up a spindle brake and lock to make changing tools a little easier.

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(double check the belts off of your machine,

This normal if you use one of the belt measuring devices. They can only measure the inside length of the belt. The actual size is )I think) measured on the PCD. There should be a correction factor for different sections of belt.


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