wanted: Canadian Source for "grizzly" mill

Hi RCM'ers
Busybee tools, the "Grizzley" of the northdoes not carry the one I'm
looking at (Grizzly vertical Mill G3616)
Any Ideas where to source one in Ontario - short of driving to PA to
get one.
For the price, it looks like a "quality import tool"
Thanks all
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Hey T,
Didja look at KBC stuff?? Or Harbor Freight in Buffalo or Detroit? () Or even Smithy in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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Brian Lawson
You might try King Canada
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but expect to pay a lot more. King's machinery is imported from Taiwan, not the PRC. Although the quality is higher, so is the price.
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C.A. Decker
Not sure how much help this will be
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Luck Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt
Hey Ken,
Did you see any prices listed on the King site? Usually if you pick a "Wish List" item, there will be a check-out and you will get a price, but I got nothing from here. I think there are two retailers who are King dealers in Windsor though, so it's not a problem I guess.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
Brian My local dealer has a flyer online for the king stuff
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7k cnd for a vs bridgeport clone (page 5)
Brian Laws> Hey Ken,
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The price is quite a bit higher. I was looking for a mill and Busy Bee
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had one. It was even on sale. Too bad they couldn't get one to sell me. The difference in price was, I was told, because Busy Bee orders directly from the manufacturer and King orders through a distributer. The difference seemed to be about 20% over the Busy Bee mill. And the King product was no better than the Grizzly (and slightly more expensive).
I called Grizzly to order one but they can't sell to Canada because of a non-compete agreement with someone (they couldn't tell me who). However, you can ship to a US address and pick it up there. If you're close to Ogdensburg NY there's a place there that will accept just about anything for US$5. You go pick it up. A little inconvienient but it works.
In the end it was a old (1953 or so) Bridgeport for a bit more than I would have paid for a much smaller, lower quality bench mill.
Marks Machinery sometimes has used stuff. He's at http:
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but he doesn't have any used mills at the moment. He also carries King new equipment.
Good luck finding what you want. James.
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James Watt

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