wet saw blade 7"

I need to get a 7" blade for cutting ceramic tiles with my wet saw.

The last one I got from Northern Tool but they either discontinued them, or are out of stock.

Before I spend $50+ with McMaster-Carr I thought I'd see if you good people would give me either the name of your favorite blade, or a link to it?



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Last time I checked, Lowes carried em. Bought a spare there last summer before a concrete brick cutting job. Horrible freight's tile saw uses em (which by the way is a good value for the occasional job) so they are usually in stock at the HF stores.


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Buy locally. All of the tile shops of any quality around here carry the blades as well as saws. Also the home repair superstores all carry them. Within a 3 mile radius of my home, I've probably got a dozen places that carry the blades.

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Bob May

I don't have easy access to measure it right now, but I picked up a DeWalt diamond sawblade for my circular saw that was either 7" or 7.25". $15 at Home Depot. I've used it dry to cut quite a lot of concrete and granite; if it fits in your wet saw, I'd think it would work great.


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