What does this tool holder fit?

I bought a box of stuff at auction - specifically for the B&S tooling
it contained. Well I ended up with several other tool holders.
I've never seen any holders with the mounting style they have. Have
you? Here is a picture of a typical holder. It holds tools that have a
morse #2 taper.
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Looks like some sort of Quick Switch tooling. A Hurco conversational CNC I use (it doesn't have an ATC) uses one that looks almost identical but the two pegs that stick out are flat, not round. You stick the toolholder into the spindle and give it a 1/4 turn with a special spanner, then tighten a nut down maybe 1 turn or less to hold it in place. About 10 seconds for the switch if you're fast. ww88
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I'm glad somebody else uses B&S tooling. My old US Machine Tool vertical mill has a B&S #9 spindle, so I am always looking, too.
Your request reminds me of a story that they tell at the Wisconsin state historical site of an early 20th century commercial fishing company on the south shore of lake Superior. It was run by two brothers. When one died, and (IIRC the surviving brother passed the place on to the state. Anyway, the state has to document EVERY thing on the site and the "things" are identified with a 6 digit number painted on them. In the workshop, under the workbenches, were several piles and several buckets of metal objects that the curators couldn't identify. Finally, they gave up on a lot of it and went to ask the surviving brother to help. He simply said "Gee, I don't have any idea. If my brother ever saw a piece of metal along side the road, he would pick it up and drag it home to the workshop in case we ever needed something of that shape!"
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And WHAT, EXACTLY, is your point? I've got a room full of items for future use or unknown origin.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
That WAS my point.
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