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Gunner Asch
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Big shop. What all have you been doing there? I know you haven't been hobbing 3' gears. ;) Hmm, looks like pressing gears together.

Why were you drilling a bearing race? (as if) Do you have to shim those large tr bearing races to get the proper clearance?

Were you rebuilding that massive transmichigan? Or is that more of a

3:1 (or something) gear reduction unit? Jeeze, you get to work on the beeg stuff!

You had to hog out the case for larger gearing? So that's the niche for the magnetic drill press, is it?

Is that your nice transit? Leveling conveyor in/out-feeds?

Saaay, that's not an OSHA approved air blower on the completed unit.

It's good to be working, wot?

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Larry Jaques

I thought the chuck looked weird.

Big mother.

How so?

So it seems.

You might have lost the temper on the, um, untempered steel, though. :|

Yeah, that's a bigass drill press. I wondered what it was, but didn't look really closely.

No, I don't, but I remember hearing the name around here for years.

So where'd you find 20# dead blow hammers to finesse things into place?

Unless they call you Tuesday to come repair it. Eek!

Absolutely. I wear my glasses and squint and/or turn away when using air, but I seldom blow metal chips. When you need compressed air, though, you need whatever works. I simply don't own a 30psi blower. The tip got misplaced and a rubber cone tip went on it. Then I could rebuild those pesky (Satanic) Holley valve bodies.

Good! I just paid the IRS and have nearly nothing left.

Were you turning that big gear's shaft on the big spinny thing? (What was it, a Lodge & Shipley?)

I just want a mini-mill.

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Larry Jaques

Dood , just how small is your shop ? Or are you like my friend Bill , a completely nutso packrat ? He has a 2 car garage size building that has so much stuff packed in it that you have to thread your way around stuff to get to the lathe . I thought I was crowded , my shop space is 10 x 12 with a benchtop mill , lathe , welders , a table for my grinders and "stuff" counter top over genset and MIG unit , with a rollaway toolbox over in the corner . Barely found room for the beer fridge ...

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Terry Coombs

2-car shop with automotive tools (including folding engine hoist), woodworking tools, metalworking tools, hardwood and plywood lumber storage, and a 5x5x5' unfinished (sigh) CNC router in the middle. Kinda packed.
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Larry Jaques

Send the $7,000 materials/permits/inspections check and I'll do it in a heartbeat. I have room to expand on the pumphouse side.

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Larry Jaques

They get $2,800 for a plain 40' shipping container down here. If you send $4k, that might cover one. Box, ramp, rollup door, lighting windows, A/C (you know how farkin' hot they get), electricity, etc. I could move my budding metal shop into it. I haven't had room to mount the bender, but I'm thinking about putting in a concrete pad with some 4x4 square tubing which would work as a base for it. I haven't needed it much yet.

I'd rather have a tall, deep, 2-car shop, though, with loft for extra storage of all the lighter stuff. So make it $7-10k, alright?

Oh, and thanks for the offer!

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Larry Jaques

Nah, he lives near Idaho Falls, ID but works around WY, ND, SD. He's only been here once in the past 13 years. He used to drive the portable TV studios they use at sports venues (foosball, bassetball, hockptui). Some cool trucks and trailers, lemme tell ya.

I wouldn't want to use a swamp cooler around my tools, TYVM. It's hard enough keeping everything rust-free with Johnson's Paste Wax.

Yeah, for way too much of the year.

Yes, please! (I'm only $3,400 short for that goal.)

I'll need 3 or 4 since I don't want a low roof and did want loft space.

Of course I do. I brought home a free bookcase just yesterday.

500# of sheetmetal (1/2 utility body) followed me home 5 years ago. A free blown-engined riding mower followed me home several years ago. A golf cart needing a $5 cable followed me home a couple years ago and I got $950 for it. (paid last year's taxes) Oh, and I make irregular trips to the Taft, CA area. I'm a great scrounger, though I pale in comparison to the Great Gunner and Illustrious Iggy.

But I have _standards_, sir. A box instead of a real shop? Hah!

Great! When should I expect delivery? I'll clear a space. ;)

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Larry Jaques

Gunner Asch on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 00:48:54 -0700 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:

No, I don't. OTOH, I doubt the City of Arlington would over look my attempt to create an "InstaShop" in town. More critically, She wouldn't let me. B-( Win some, lose some, some are rained out.

-- pyotr filipivich "With Age comes Wisdom. Although more often, Age travels alone."

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pyotr filipivich

Gunner Asch on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:51:50 -0700 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:

Nope. But there were three criterion when she moved - bus service, sidewalks, and close to church. I'm 0 for 3, and I've wanted out of here for a while.

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-- pyotr filipivich "With Age comes Wisdom. Although more often, Age travels alone."

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pyotr filipivich

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