What lathe is this?

On the Dallas CL.

Looks shopmade, except the cabinet

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It may be shopmade, but it's not really a metalworking lathe, anyway. That's a woodworking lathe with a cross slide. In other words, it's the same thing as a patternmaker's lathe, with big risers at the headstock and tailstock, as if it's set up for turning bowls or big disks.

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Ed Huntress


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Jim Stewart

I think I have a good idea. Used to live and work in Arlington.

About 35-40 years ago there was a period of time that engraved black copper prints were being turned out and sold on corners and shopping centers...

A business man bought such a lathe and put a young man to work running it.

It was a copy lathe of sorts - the sheet of painted copper / brass was put over a cylinder. The cutter is really a solenoid that drives a cutter into the black surface and cut out a small divit. The machine turned another cylinder - keeping sync - and upon it was the picture (film) and a photomultiplier tube that measured the light from the film and drove the solenoid.

It was a simple setup and run. Boring job. I was called in to fix the electronic package after a fix was put in by the owner. He might have electrical knowledge but electronics was a bit wild.

So I think this is it - likely bought a cheap speed control (belts) lathe with high center line and adapt it then sell it to businessmen...


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Martin Eastburn

Could be that was what it was once used for, but those are wood centers stuck in headstock and tail stock. I'm with Ed on this one, it's a wood lathe in its current incarnation. There's no evidence of a power feed anywhere for that cross slide carriage.


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