CNC BP for $1200 DFW

Not mine - Dallas Craigslist
Iggy, is this like yours?
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That's the older stepper driven version.
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Pete C.
It is not like mine, mine is better IMHO (servos instead of steppers and overall better made), but it is a great deal, esp. if it works.
I would grab it if I did not have a CNC mill already.
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Nope, that's a Bridgeport BOSS, Iggy has a servo-driven machine originally with a Heidenhain control. Much better setup for a retrofit. The steppers on the old BOSS machines were not the best, and Bridgeport's electronics were something out of an old movie (horror genre). This also appears to be a Series-I machine, Iggy's is a Series-II (bigger).
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Jon Elson
I personally love my machine, it is 2.5 tons of pure beauty and retrofit convenience. All in all, retrofitting was a lot of work, but it was relatively straightforward and much of the time I spent learning the basics.
The only thing that I could not figure out, was tuning my amps in velocity mode, I just gave up on it right now and run in torque mode.
ATM, the priority is to free up half of my garage for my wife. It is actually going well, turns out that about half of the stuff I did not need, I added some extra cabinets on my side and I want everything to be neatly organized and all flat surfaces to be free of clutter.
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