what's that smell ?

I recently purchased an oven powder coated iron cage for my pet. I
spent 1,200 dollars for a high quality paint finish, but can't tolarate
the smell it emits. It seems that every time we have a humid day, the
cage lets off a rotten egg smell. If we wash it down, the water creates
an even greater problem.
We assembled the 600 pound cage, six months after purchase, thus any
guarentees have expired. Besides, it's too heavy to unassemble and
MY QUESTION : Are there any sealants out there, that can seal the
odor, and at the same time, not create a toxic problem for my pet ?
Furthermore, are there any sealants that aren't sticky after it drys ?
I appreciate any solutions you may have.
Thank you all,
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--What kind of critter needs a 600-lb cage?
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why not contact the manufacturer and see what materials were used in this cage and then what to do to get rid of the smell...
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That would seem like the obvious first step. Attempting to "seal in" the odor would probably be a mistake, as the stuff would still be lurking inside, waiting for your sealant to wear, degrade, or possibly even react.
Far better to get rid of the stuff, which (like sealing it in) requires that you know what it is. From your description, I'll tentatively suggest thiols, which are toxic, as well as foul smelling, but in the absence of further information, I won't recommend a procedure for neutralizing them, as it might well damage your cage.
Bottom line: Go back to the manufacturer with your problem, even if the warranty is expired. They may have some advice for you, and it's got to be based on better information than we have...
Al Moore
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Alan Moore
It's summer. Put the thing out in the sun for a few days. - GWE
X1 S79 wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Be sure to check under the cage ; )
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Lawrence L'Hote
I agree on contacting the manufacturer. Is this a cage for birds? Parrots are very sensitive to fumes. Teflon fumes will kill a bird very quick. Many people have lost birds due to overheated non-stick cookware.
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The proverbial 600 pound gorrilla of course!
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Jeff Wisnia
Ljwebb wrote: (clip) Many people have lost birds due to overheated non-stick cookware. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Years ago I worked for a large company that had a couple of machine shops. The machinists were warned not to smoke while Teflon was being machined. Seems particles of the material could be drawn through the cigarette and broken down into toxic vapors. Of course, smoking is less common these days, but it might be worth considering any time you are cutting any plastic material.
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Leo Lichtman
Naw, a 100 pound parakeet. I hear him now, "HERE KITTY, KITTY!"
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Jack Erbes
They didn't bake it enough. Have it rebaked by anybody who does powder coating, or for free, leave it in fresh air and direct sunshine for a week, rotating to expose all surfaces. The UV in the sunlight will catalyse whatever's left in the coating. Your mileage may vary.
Hold on, now. Is it powder coated, or painted? They aren't the same, and the corrective procedures differ.
Do not apply a sealant.
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Doug Goncz
Thank you for your valuable suggestions.
As for your curiosity regarding the type of pet I own, I'm afraid I cannot reveal the answer. However, I will throw this hint out there... genetically they are very close to humans.
We want our little boy to be safe. We are preoccupied over how quickly the finish is turning black as it comes in contact with moisture. While the powder coated finish discolors, it does not peel off, but we fear in the future it may take a different course.
If the finish eventually fades away, does the steel rods at the core contain any led (or lead, I dont know how to spell it).
Thanks again,
Love you all, Kim.
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Oh Dear God, they have a Liberal Democrat Priest as a pet.
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so y the secrecy? chimp, monkey, really bad kid, politician, WTO protestors, hubby who bought too many machines - all genetically similar to humans aren't they? seems strange that u seek peoples help but can't tell what its for??
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Good point, Ron. Perhaps the solution is to have the cage stripped by sandblasting and then ship it to Koehler (the urinal makers, not the engine guys) to have it encased in porcelain.
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Don Foreman

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