What should be dimension of press fit on this shaft?

Our "engineer" bought a bearing and bar of precision ground rod. It
easily slipped through the bearing and since it had screws to lock it
down all was find untill. Untill i read the literature that came with
the bearing and it said to have a "Press Fit" if using their bearing
for "heavey loads" I just guessed that the 6,000 + lbs we were going
to support qualified. After doing some calculations our "engineer"
said i was right.
So he ordered some bar stock that has to be machined.
I told him to look it up in Machinerys Handbook for the tolerance
but he got it all wrong. When i tried to find it in there i found the
newer additions were a little confusing. So all i want to know is if
our bearing is 1.5000 what should the shaft be turned down to. The
width of bearing is about two inches.
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If the ground stock is within a thousanth or so of 1.500" you can lock the bearing to the shaft with Loctite bearing compound, available at most hardware and auto supply stores.
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I had a high-speed shaper with 1.5" shaft and 2 matched Barden bearings on one end. We made the shaft about .00025" - .0005" big (depending on the temp) We heated the bearings on a lightbulb and seated them with a length of tube and a hammer. I have since sold the shaper.
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Did the bearing manual have information on the amount of interference? The reason I am asking is a press fit is going to reduce the internal clearance of the bearing. That isn't a bad thing since it may cause more rolling elements to support your load.
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=A0The reason I am
aring. =A0That
The info with the bearing only mentioned to use a presss fit if used with a heavy load. I'm going to make shaft .001 over and that seems about right.
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Untill i read the literature that came with
Rosco - theres a chart in my school textbook giving all this info (including type of fit) - if it scans ok, happy to email you a copy. (I learnt it, not saying I remember it...) Andrew VK3BFA.
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Andrew VK3BFA
Andrew: I would love to have a copy of it. Presently looking to re-design a transmission for my helicopter and that information would be highly desirable. Stu Fields snipped-for-privacy@iwvisp.com
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Stu Fields

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