Where is 1075 blue spring steel used commonly ?

I'd like to (literally) get my hands on some
1075 blue temper steel gauge 16 (.062") 1/2~1" x ~4"
to see if its got the right spring for a project.
mcmaster will sell me 40 ft of the stuff, but I was
wondering if there's a place that will sell small samples,
or better yet is there a tool or a part from a car or lawn mower
that uses this steel in this gauge.
I've got a suspicion that there's something in the jc whitney
catalog that would suit fine, but I don't know what part.
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P Oster
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A source for small amounts of spring steel is old auto dipsticks. I have no idea what they're made of or their dimensions, though. - GWE
P Oster wrote:
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Grant Erwin
The linear spring in a lawn mower recoil starter is about 1/2" wide, but I don't think it's 16 ga. I'd guess closer to .040. Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
Check with your local clock maker. There has to be an old clock spring that meets your exact requirements.
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Take a look at the quill couterbalance spring on an old drill press.
Richard Coke
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Richard Coke
Don't know what the exact alloy is, but Starrett makes feeler gauge stock in 1/2"x12" sizes, you can order about the thickness you want. It's pretty springy as-is, although not spring stock. I've used it as such. You can punch it with a Whitney punch and it's file-able(barely). MSC would have it. Another source would be cabinet scrapers, these are spring steel and of various sizes and thicknesses. Most of the ones I have are about the size of a file card, you'd have to shear off what you'd want from one. You'd have to go down to a woodworking supply place and mike some up to get the right thickness.
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Stan Schaefer
This is almost it, 1/2" x .050 spring tempered feeler stock.
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Charles Erskine
Have a look in the shipping department for the steel strapping used to tie down merchandise on pellets. HTH
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