Where to list parts FS on internet?

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of 24" Dake bandsaw wheels for sale. Other than eBay, what are the best sites to list these for sale?

Thanks for any opinions.


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and right here.

How much do you want for them, do you have the driving axle (or do you know the dimensions of the taper), and where are you located?


chisel wrote:

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Grant Erwin

Thanks. I do not have the drive axle just the wheels. I can e-mail anyone several pics if interested.

OD on the wheels is ~ 24.375" Center hole is ~ 4.125" Rim width is ~ 1.625"

As far as I can tell, these wheels were made for Dake's V-24 vertical bandsaw which had a high speed of 4250 or 5000 fpm (depending on the source).

I'm asking $600 for the pair. Shipping weight is ~ 50# for the pair.

I'm in Henderson, KY


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