Where will metallic reloading go without Ebay?

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After a Computer crash and the demise of civilization, it was learned Clark Magnuson wrote on Mon, 13 Aug 2007 07:28:18 -0700 in rec.crafts.metalworking :
It isn't just the "gun stuff" ban which is the problem. Where do I take my other business?
Where do I go for an online auction of older cell phones?
Out of print paperbacks?
Machine tools: mics, calipers, gizmos, widgets and thingies?
That is the "real" problem: Ebay has a natural monopoly on on-line auctions. Like Google, they won't miss your business, but you will miss theirs.
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pyotr filipivich
Hopefully eBay making their own rules more strict will lead to competition eventually replacing them. I remember when K-Marts were everywhere and the only Wal-Mart I ever saw was in Branson MO. Once I got a Christmas gift from K-Mart that didn't work. My dad found the receipt but the K-Mart said it wasn't from that particular stores registers. I took the item to Wal-Mart, they exchanged it without a receipt. Since that time I probably hadn't made a hand full of purchases from K-Mart, I probably spent more at Wal-Mart per month than I have in K-Mart for the last 28 years. I'm sure my business didn't hurt K-Mart, but collectively I think unsatisfied customers made a difference. Now I see Wal-Mart (and eBay) heading the same direction as K-Mart was 28 years ago. They thought they were big enough that they didn't have to care about making customers happy. Hopefully eBays future is as bright as K-Marts was when they were big!
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