Wiring various machine health switches

My mill has a few switches, such as low lubricating oil level and motor overheat switches, all NC.

I wanted to ask what is the standard way of wiring this stuff. Just all in big series with E-stop switches? Or separately as separate inputs so that I would know what the problem is?

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If you're short on inputs, just put them on indicator lights. Otherwise, its a control input. Then you can program what you want. For example, I have low air do a feedhold then spindle stop. That way you don't ruin a part. You can just do cycle start when problem is corrected.


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Karl Townsend

As a machine tool service tech..Id personally love to see some sort of individual indication of problems, issues and so forth.

If you are up to doing so..it makes life much easier down the road.


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Ig, that's really a matter of choice. I, personally, would want more information that simply, "something's wrong", but I've wired process machinery up like that when I didn't have enough inputs on a PLC to handle all the errors I might have to detect.

When you do it that way, you need to create a step-chart to remind you of all the things to check when the alarm goes off. Three years from now, while you're milling parts, it might not be as fresh in your memory as now.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

I can see digital logic in the use of the switches.

Run if this light is on but when this other lights - shut down....

I'd consider a machine motor off and a all off.

The idea is to have a scram button that is 'all off'. Then Gunner walks up to troubleshoot and he turns off the motor switches and enables power. The lights will show. The 'lights' might be relays that drive lights or fans or pumps...

Mart> My mill has a few switches, such as low lubricating oil level and

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Martin H. Eastburn

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