World Oil Production to Peak in 2013

Does anybody know, that according to some Oil Geologists (e.g. Colin
Campbell) in 2013 the world oil output is going to peak ? Are you
aware what this does mean for all of us ? We have 4 years from now,
until there will not be enough energy for travelling, heating and the
most important for food for everybody of us. Oil prices will begin to
peak, not 150 USD/barrel, much much higger prices are expected. Many
people will loose their jobs and many of us will begin to starve.
Alternatives will also be more expensive since the demand will
increase astronomically. Alternative energy will also be much much
more expensive, due to the demand and due to much higher costs. Making
a wind turbine cost a lot of energy. Making ethanol cost a lot of oil
(pesticides, insecticides, transportation, production, harvesting,
fertilizers etc.). Making insulations cost also a lot of oil.
What is the solution ? The only way is to act now, individually. Now,
where the oil prices are still cheap, although there is an increase,
each individual can begin to prepare himself for these hard times in
near future. Insulation of houses, solar cells, which are now more
affordable (in ebay 1 W solar cells cost 1 USD or even less), solar
water heating, solar heating with mirrors reflecting the sunlight to
your home in winter, making your own wind turbine (a lot of
instruction of cheap design can be found in the internet), buying a
plug-in car or a hybrid vehicle, using energy efficient lightning,
heating with heat pumps, making a winter garden etc. are some of the
things each of us can do to prepare himself/herself for hard times and
to save money and energy. There are also ways to save energy and try
to extend the date a little bit by using the car only when necessary,
using the bike instead of your car, using public transportation,
converting the car to methane fueling, saving energy where ever it is
possible, not only in your home also in your work, etc. will help to
extend the date.
The other alternative is to wait until this date, actually the
economical crisis is in its ending phase and the oil prices will again
rise to record highs. But this is nothing compared to the prices when
world oil supplies will deminish 4% yearly. And after this date (2013)
very very hard times may come. Starvation and even worse things like
war are the alternative.
If you act now, you will also help to produce new jobs in your
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We have been running out of oil according to the experts since at least 1925. Doesn't anyone remember the story about the little boy that cried wolf???
While massive oil/fuel shortages may well occur, these will be the result of market manipulation not any actual shortage, the same as it was the last time.
One possible corrective/preventative measure would be the erection of gallows capable of multiple hangings at the same time labeled with the oil company logos such as Shell, BP, Exxon, etc. with the nooses tagged "this spot reserved for:" "Chairman," "CEO," "CFO," "VP Marketing," etc.
An ideal spot would be in front of the headquarters buildings or the executive parking lot where these individuals would pass by every day on their way to/from work. A set of gallows outside NY Mercantile and ICE would also be appropriate, with spots reserved for the top traders.
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Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee
Almost every spike in oil prices has been followed within a few months by a recession, which decreased demand.
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Jim Wilkins
Gee, no, Mr. peakoil of, none of us here had any idea that things might change. Thanks for the heads up.
Nice of you to use your own name. I have to say that I don't know anyone else with a name like that.
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peakoil wrote:
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Oil is constantly being produced. Do you really think that all the oil that has been used since 1900 was the result of decaying dinosaurs and prehistoric forests? Even if you add prehistoric sea life the biomass does not add up. Also how does one explain oil pockets under oil fields that have been used up replenishing after laying fallow for a period of years?
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T.Alan Kraus
I think if you talk to a Reservoir Engineer he will tell you that what happened is that a high rate of production exhausted the oil that was local to the well. When the well/field was closed in it allowed time for oil outside the production area to migrate to the well location.
Many fields use secondary production techniques to overcome this problem. Water injection to raise formation pressure, steam injection to reduce viscosity, etc.
Although some geologists favor the "abiogenic petroleum origin hypothesis which argues that hydrocarbons of purely inorganic origin exist. The theory seems to be accepted by some Russian geologists but I'm doubtful if it is popular in the West.
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Bruce in Bangkok
There is also another process called Fire Flood as a final recovery system. Air is pumped down a central well and the oil is ignited underground. This increases formation pressure and the increased temperature lowers the viscosity of the oil ahead of the "flame front" which allows a much greater recovery from the formation. The thick char which cannot be liquified remains behind and is burned as fuel. I know of one location in Canada where this process is still continuing after 30 years.
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