You think YOU got inventory problems?

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A very inneresting article on the vicissitudes of large-organization inventory control, and the overall concept of management, centralization, bureaucracy, and optimization -- or non-optimization.

A large part of the problem is, bluntly, the f*ck-you attitude of the front-line worker, who basically laughs -- and capitalizes -- on big-organization ineptness. A f*ck-you attitude which is an almost inevitable consequence of trickle-up economics, imo. Actually, altho this article doesn't address philosophical issues, many of the implications of these issues are clear, altho certainly no real solution is clear.

Well, actually there is one solution left in The New Employment Climate, and that is Management by Terror, which is accomplished by highly paying a few sociopathic bigwhigs, to make sure Shit Rolls Swiftly Downhill, into the mouths of every frontline worker.

NYCHA just has to find the right chain of sociopaths.

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