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Rivett 918 - dropbox files?
Hey guys, long time no see. I took on a Rivett 918 project recently, looking for old catalogs etc. I figure there was probably a bunch in the dropbox. Is that gone away? I don't need much for this...
2 months ago 2
Question about
Hi There my name is Fred and I just joined the group. I am looking at purc hasing a metal lathe and came across a Dalton B-4 metal lathe that has had a restoration done. It may have been cosmetic but...
2 months ago 3
Machine Tool Carts
I don't have as much need for tool carts as tool rack on the CNC mills, but for the manual mill and manual lathe I certainly do. I've got two of the older version of these. They were half that price...
2 months ago
Finite Element Analysis of fillet weld toes, fwiw...
Hello all. A couple of days ago I wrote a new webpage on using Finite Element Analysis modelling to predict the effect of different weld toe shapes on the Stress Concentration Factor (SCF) there. "FEA...
2 months ago
Lock DOWN Vise ???
Do any of these ACTUALLY lock DOWN? The way I understand it is there is a tapered dog on the screw that engages a tapered slot on the moveable vise jaw (often with moving hemispheres to unify forces)....
2 months ago
Cutting Stainless 24ga Sheet - Clean Edge?
Other than a big well adjusted hydraulic shear is there a practical way to cut stainless sheet and get a clean edge? Something that can be done with power/hand tools on site. Something that might...
3 months ago 25
Not Really Keyless
A long time ago some members of this group convinced me keyless drill chucks were the way to go. The seemed to work ok on the face of it and even though the air I bought were pretty cheap they were...
3 months ago 19
Keying the Vise - Maxing out The Work Envelope.
I've got several machines where I do use a vise. I don't use keys on the bottom of any of them. I have in the past, but my experience was unless I pulled the keys and machined them they didn't just...
3 months ago 5
Turning PTFE Pins/Rod
Ordinarily I can order PTFE rod the exact size I need to make PTFE pins. All I have to do is drill and tap it for an internal reinforcing screw. I was not able to order the exact size I needed this...
3 months ago 8
Helium Loss
I've got a lot of 6061 scrap 1/2 inch thick and larger. I make a fair amount of shop parts out of the scrap. The tool racks on three of my machines are the "good" side up of lots of 1/2 inch scrap as...
3 months ago
rolling mills, custom patterns and making wire into strips
That's pretty much it, I have a rolling mill, I have a bunch of solid wire of various gauges. I have in the past converted copper tubing / pipe into strips which then got used for decorations or...
3 months ago 26
OT: Low Profile Outlet
~~~~~|_____| >~~~ Wire...Box... 120v-Plug I could have sworn I saw something like that once, but for the life of me I can't find it. ~~~~~|_____| >~~~ Wire...Box... 120v-Plug I could have sworn I saw...
4 months ago 8
gear cutters
I want to cut some gears for my lathe , the back gear set has some missing teeth . 14dp gear cutters are hard to find ! Is this one meant to cut bevel gears , or is it a reference to the cutter...
4 months ago 6
Cutting off Stainless
First off, I hate abrasives for this. Makes it a three step job. Cut, grind, turn. If I don't grind the burr damages the turning tool. Maybe not every one, but often enough. Yes HSS is more tolerant,...
4 months ago 3
Unistrut Slotted Channel
The Unistrut Slotted Channel is a versatile structural solution for use in building structures. Its 41mm x 2.5mm size is ideal for supporting a variet y of structural needs. Its pre-galvanised...
4 months ago 9